Top Notch Therapeutic MASSAGE

Say YES To Relaxation!

Deep tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage is a form of bodywork that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.
It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas,
 either following or going across the fibers of the muscles, tendons and fascia.
Deep massage helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue. It should be noted that my approach,
 though deep and effective, is not painful.

Shiatsu Finger pressure or backwalk:
Shiatsu means "finger pressure". Shiatsu not only uses finger pressure, but also involves thumbs, palms, forearms elbows & feet.
It is often accompanied with gentle stretching of limbs as well.
The idea is to stimulate energy movement and relaxation of muscles. Pressure is applied to the areas of meridians

 to promote good health by stimulating the body's energy flow stimulating chi,
Shiatsu promotes prevention and recovery of illnesses by stimulating the immune system and natural healing power.
On a physical level Shiatsu stimulates circulatory,

 lymphatic and hormonal systems, regulates the autonomic nervous system, and can also relieve pain associated with a wide array of conditions.
This technique can be done with or without clothing .

Nuru massage:
My Skillful, artful & seductive massage
The word essentially means "slippery",

 I offer the therapeutic and a VIP version.

To ensure quality, I make my gel in small batches

Combined with a structural/trager technique 

to enhance the state of euphoria & relaxation.

I touch Trigger Points, Use Acupressure 

With More Than My Hands.
Expect nothing but full on intimacy & caring intuitive touch from yours truly...
I do not rush through or fluff through my clients. 

An outstanding massage takes time.

I'm Into Making You Feel Awesome & Appreciated.

Sports Massage: 

 Sports Massage is typically used before, during and after athletic events but is also useful for anyone engaged

 in rigorous physical activity.

In addition to feeling great. 

Sports massage reduces the heart rate and blood pressure,

 increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow.
It also relieves swelling, reduces muscle tension and stress. Some find it improves flexibility, 

relieves pain and reduces their recovery time.
Sports massage can help prevent nagging injuries that can get in the way of performance and achievement, whether a person is an athlete or a frequent runner.

Structural/Rolfing Massage:
Structural bodywork is a treatment that emphasizes manipulation and realignment of the body's structure

 in order to improve its function and release energetic blockages.
Structural bodywork therapy also corrects the client's overall posture, connective tissue, and musculature in order to bring about greater ease of movement.

One could find less discomfort, and a higher level of energy in daily activity.

  By removing blockages, the meridians are opened 

and accumulation is facilitated.
The goals and techniques of structural bodywork are very different than relaxation oriented massage.
Little if any lubrication is used in structural bodywork, as the goal is to warm, relax and stretch the fascia

 (a band of connective tissue that covers, supports, or connects the muscles and the internal organs and underlying layers of tissue.
Though relaxation occurs with structural bodywork the focus is much more long term, 

changes are more incremental though longer lasting.
This modality is generally pain free as we like to call it 'gentle' deep tissue.

Light feather:

The goal of this massage is quite simple.

 There are no specific focus areas.
It's intention is to relax & sooth you while 

I almost tickle you to relaxation.

 Some have said it's as if I've created a mini retreat 

where one can collect their thoughts,

 be in tune with the present moment and/or to excite you.
This is a sensual NON sexual massage.
I also incorporate Hot stone therapy to further enhance sessions.

Other services I provide include:
* back coining.
*Foot Reflexology/mini pedicure foot scrub.
Please ask for details on these services.

While the results may vary massage therapy can:
*Relieve stress and anxiety.
*Lower your blood pressure.
*Increase the blood supply to your muscle/connective tissues.
*Improve energy & alertness.
* Aid in your recovery from injuries.
* Ease many stresses of child bearing.
*Increase flexibility /range of motion.
*Hasten elimination of toxins, waste .
*Heighten the oxygenation of muscles/connective tissues.
*Stimulate relaxation
*Make you feel like a Jedi master or a time lord.

(ok, I made that up)

FAQ's Are you licensed/certified? 

 YES. In fact I have over 3,907 hours of education & counting.
I am whole heartedly devoted to this field 

with passion & integrity.
I LOVE massage & can do it all day long without getting tired.
Already surpassed

 the 5 year career mark for an average american CMT/LMT.
MN currently does not have itself together 

so this state is not fully licensed
However certain municipalities

 do regulate massage therapy at their discretion.

Can you diagnose medical issues? NO.
NOT a doctor( but I can dress up like one...
I may not advise you in that manner legally other then telling you to go seek a medical professional.

What do I need to bring to my massage session? First YOU, Second Compensation for my time & efforts.
You may also bring your iPod or MP3 player if you hate my music & wanna listen to your own jams for your time visiting me.

 Years of practice, education & old fashioned mothers instinct serves me well in identifying problems many suffer from

What do you wear during the massage?

Whatever I want & I do not like ruining my clothes nor do I feel comfortable wearing provocative attire.

End of discussion.

How can I get the most out of each session? 

By not wiggling around moving or flexing your limbs 

while I'm trying to work on them.

That makes it extremely difficult for me to help you & sends me the wrong message that you're in pain when you aren't. 

Which brings me to the next subject; COMMUNICATION.
Verbal Communication is key, if you feel discomfort let me know I will remedy the situation instantly .
You are in control of what happens to your body. Feedback is encouraged so if I do something you enjoy feel free to moan, sigh whatever you do to let me know I'm awesome.
I want you to enjoy the feelings as long as possible so it's best to try & not do strenuous activity or anything else afterwards.
What should I do after my session?

I also recommend a hot as you can stand bath with about 1-2 cups of epsom salts & be sure to rest too.
Massage stirs up a lot of toxins in the body, By following these steps it helps your body to dispose of them properly .
The hot bath helps to relieve any pain/soreness you might feel.
If you don't drink enough water and I'M SERIOUS ABOUT THIS... 

You may feel worse, even horribly sick the next day.

What if I feel worse or I don't feel good after my session ? See above . 

What if I feel sore? This is common with deep tissue OR rolfing bodywork.
When the scar tissue or tightness of the muscles are broken up the muscles will feel Bruised and/or tender to the touch.
Usually this tenderness is caused by not enough blood getting to those areas in the first place.
My advice is continue getting treated & the tightness should subside. Pain will also be reduced.
If you don't get treatments often, I recommend alternating hot/cold packs to the affected area(s)to reduce the swelling & pain sensations .
What if I develop bruises after treatment? This is not common because I am very careful .

 All depends on the current state of your muscles & connective tissue.Bruises can indicate stagnation &/or weak blood vessels .

Emotional response
As a massage therapist, in school I learned to be fully aware that some of my clients may experience a strong emotional release during or after a massage.
I am able to recognize signs of such sublimated emotions.
To know how to deal with these issues when they arise, at least that's what I was taught at home & in school.
To me Emotional intelligence is worth far more than any degree.

Some background : Unresolved emotions can become anchored in the body as a result of physical and emotional traumas.
Think of the body maintaining physical memories of such. It's called muscle memory,

 in the tension of muscles/connective tissue the condition is usually common with those who suffered one of or both sexual or physical abuse as children or even as adults.
Over time that the body becomes habituated to imbalance of muscle tissue/ posture and structural misalignment of the body.

 Eventually patterns of defensive body usage & posture are visible In a subconscious way to compensate 

 (think raised shoulders, a defensive posture.).
Massage therapy can bring these anchored emotions associated memories back to consciousness .
some psychotherapists use forms of body work intended to focus the patients attention on the tension they feel in their bodies.
While the re-awakening of emotions is a process of great contribution to re integration & healing,

as a mother I'm very compassionate to all.

However, it is equally important to bring focus and awareness to bodywork.
A massage therapist should be aware of their clients overall way of inhabiting their bodies.
I carefully watch how you hold yourself, gesture and walk I even listen to your voice.

 so even if I'm not looking you in the face, I am looking at other parts of you.
Projections of overly rigid, collapsed or inanimate can be indications of past abuse or trauma.
One thing I know is abuse survivors have trouble owning their bodies. They may feel a loss of breath or voice.
If physical memories are triggered, I have found such clients have removed all of their conscious awareness from their body.
An example is one saying yes while shaking their head no at the same time Or retreating sightly from me.
Such incongruence in presentation to me is a subtle indicator of their conscious and subconscious thoughts or feelings.
I've found it is important my goal is to neither fix the problem nor to add my own emotions.

 but, rather to try & create an offering of quiet acceptance and support in order to enable the client to reach an acceptable level of equilibrium by sessions end.

Often this includes gentle grounding work of the head, neck shoulders ankles & feet,

 reminding you to breathe the most important thing I do is quietly convey to my clients the sense of connectedness and support.


As a massage therapist, I simply carry out the clients wishes to the best of my ability.
I am not a messiah or a producer of miracles but I do try...Just simply endeavor to serve my clients with their best interest in mind.
My goal is to provide the highest quality of services, while I keep clear and honest communication with clients at all times.
I provide services within the scopes of my educational definitions of bodywork, holistic therapies & skincare.
I am thoroughly educated and understand the physiological effects of massage & bodywork techniques to determine the most beneficial techniques utilized .