Top Notch Therapeutic MASSAGE

Say YES To Relaxation!

I reserve the right to accept or refuse to do business with anyone, At anytime,
 For Any Reason Or No Reason At All.

Sorry, No Refunds are given.

 There is no shower 
at my uptown mpls location.
I am very meticulous with my hygiene
I do appreciate my clients to be as well.
My other location is reserved for a select few who I've seen before and is fully equipped with shower facilities.

Here's a bunch of super easy to follow common sense rules :

 I do not offer any illegal services nor 
do I endorse things written
 by other people who are not me.
  I don't entice or condone unsafe practices.

 Firearms &
 other weapons are NOT
 allowed on the premises, Period

Do not come here on drugs or drunk,
You will be asked to leave,

Cellphones, other electronic devices
 must be put away and turned OFF

My studio is very safe and discreet ... 
I'd Like to keep it that way.

 I also reserve my right to end any session & ask you to leave if I feel uncomfortable at ANY time. 

TNT Massage Is A Small Business

Owned by one sole proprietor using Little promotion...

I'd rather spend on quality products &  my education to give you quality service, than post 20 ads a day...seeing back to back appointments.

 I don't save, share, misuse Or sell

 Your personal info with anyone  . 

Understand that I am not a robot,

 I may react unpredictably 

when subjected to abuse .

Thank You!